Apps for your business

Between documenting expenses and processing credit cards from just about anywhere in the world smartphone applications have changed the way many small businesses operate. Now, more companies are turning to apps to enhance the way they do business both internally and externally. Peek develops mobile applications for […]

App deployment for iphone, android and blackberry

Peek’s support extends beyond the completion of the initial app development. For us, our role continues through the actual deployment and delivery to the App Store or Marketplace and beyond into the new releases for upgrades and app maintenance after launch. App deployment is a delicate process […]

App analytics systems – what do you need to know?

So, we have developed a great app but what next? With a mobile app analytics system in place you can answer questions such as: Are your users using the app? How much time are they spending? What are the problem points for your app users? Are your […]

Private Enterprise App Stores for business – Apparate

The Apple, Amazon App Stores and Android Marketplace (Google Play) work well for consumers. Search for whatever apps you want or need and buy or download them with one-click shopping. But that system starts to break down when it comes to mobile devices in the workplace, particularly […]

App development and building

The Peek app development and deployment process The Peek development process focuses on the key deliverables and client sign-off points needed to take an app from an initial concept to a reality. The process moves through 5 project phases: Discover • Understand key uses for a mobile […]

App marketing services

It’s all very well having an app in the app store. But without the support of traditional marketing it will just be taking it’s chances at getting found. As we are from an award-winning full service agency background, Peek are in a unique position to be able […]

App testing and usability reviews

At Peek we offer a full testing facility. Functionality testing and security advice Peek offers a full testing facility that not only confirms that the apps will function on the devices, but we can help with a risk assessment of the security of the apps and their […]

Content creation for apps

Some of the greatest web success stories come from apps and communities that have enabled people to create, customise, and share their content rather than just purchase content that is prebuilt for sales. Apps that encourage interactivity give a more customised user experience, which is more satisfying […]

App design & mobile web design

Design is one of key factors in an app’s success. Nothing beats an aesthetically pleasing UI (user interface) that delivers a smooth flowing user experience (UX). Our award winning design team is filled with original thinking creatives who can come up with trend-setting and unique design patterns […]

  • 1_Horsey_Hotties
    Horsey Hotties social networking app Horsey Hotties social networking app

    Horsey Hotties social networking app

Horsey Hotties social networking app

Are you a Horsey Hottie? First of its kind location based social networking iphone app for racing and equestrian enthusiasts Social networking for horseracing fans and equestrian enthusiasts worldwide has taken a leap in to the mobile app market courtesy of one young female entrepreneur with a […]