EBS is the leading full-service provider of EPG data for platforms and channels worldwide. EBS had a difficult task for Peek as they had this ever expanding range of services underpinned by software and some clever people, but it had no name.

What does it do? Well, every time you flick on the ‘guide’ on your remote, or call up iPlayer or click on a website to see what’s on the telly, they’re the people that provide that information. They are responsible for collecting all the data from the channels, platforms and publishers and writing those witty little synopsis that determine whether you watch, or not. With clients including BBC Worldwide, Turner and QVC, they feed data into the likes of Apple, Sky, FreeView and Freesat.

Peek ran an interactive workshop with some of the key members of the EBS team and helped them define their brand’s purpose as “connecting TV data worldwide”.  We also captured the key features of the offer as; accurate, reliable, dynamic and flexible. All of these aspects helped us to create a lively and unique visual identity for the new brand name that we created: PAWA.

The brand mark along with the interactive infographic that we created brings PAWA to life across all online and offline media, software user interface and collateral. The brand enjoyed a fabulous launch party at The Hospital Club in London with guests including broadcasters, channels and TV luminaries.