How do I differentiate my brand and keep it fresh?

Every successful brand from Shell to McDonalds manages their brand every day. Even things like the shell symbol that we have grown up with and love have changed subtly over time. We may not have noticed, but these changes, either obvious or not, have kept the brands relevant and fresh to changing tastes and perceptions as the years have gone by.

Brands like Cadbury and Kellogg’s keep vibrant by positioning themselves either as irreverent or interesting. In the example of Cadbury that’s a traditional brand, or Kellogg’s, homespun. It is not that either of these approaches are right or wrong, more that they are managing our perceptions of their brands to make them relevant to us.

The approach you might take depends not on the vagaries of fashion, although that might be relevant if your audience would respond to it, but more to the understanding of the trends which could help you position yourself distinctly from your competitors.

How can Peek help?
Our clients would recommend that you consider one of Peek’s brand refresh workshops for your business. They are fun, productive and highly effective.