Creating a new brand name

On a rare occasion you will be lucky and hit on a name, the URL will be available and the trademark not registered. But if you don’t then Peek can help. We’ve created names for companies, products, services and people over the last 15 years. Our team have a magic box of tricks that help us originate names for you which can then be put through a rigorous checking process before taking them any further. Here’s how we do it….

Clarification of the brief

In the first step, we will meet with you to review the brief and expand on any areas where we may need further information or clarity. We will also be looking for this meeting to agree the following points:

Understand how the name(s) will be judged
Set and agree the evaluation criteria
Set and agree the weighting of the evaluation criteria
Budget and process for purchasing URLs if they already owned
What categories/classes may be required for trademarking purposes

Understanding the naming landscape

Working with you and your knowledge we will then carry out a brief review of the competitive landscape focussing on the following points to ensure that any names and structures put forward for consideration do not cause confusion with something that is already in existence in the marketplace. We will be looking at:

What brand names the competitors use
What brand structure the competitors use
Listing of competitors product portfolio names
Setting names into a positioning map for reference

The Magic Hat

We will then begin generating names using a number of creative methods that we have developed over the years. On average over 100 new names will be crafted which are then refined using the defined criteria into a long list for the next stage.


The long list is then checked against our lexicon of globally recognised words, including; latin, greek, idioms, phrases and colloquialisms in the target countries. From this check a short list of suitable names and a brand hierarchy structure is defined.

Search engine check

The short list of names are checked in Google and Yahoo to see what results are returned and these are evaluated to see if there are any threats, confusion, undesirable links, or if the name has clear water and has an advantage with no rankings. This last case usually only occurs with invented names as they are completely original.

URL availability check

The availability of the TLD domain names to match the short list is then checked and if any are available will be secured at time of checking in order to avoid any cyber sniping during the process. If direct URL matches are not available then we will evaluate whether or not they area available for purchase, or if a short form or extension of the name is available as an alternative, depending on the criteria set for the name selection.

Online Trademark check

The short list of names is then checked against the available online trademark registers for availability or potential conflict in the categories/classes that have been defined in the criteria. (Note: This does not include visual marks at this point).

Our recommendations

The outcome of all the research and preparation is a report presenting the final shortlist of new name(s) and their proposed hierarchy along with the evaluation results of each of the stages above against the original criteria to enable a decision to be made to move forward.

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Right from the start we were impressed with Peek's efficient and professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence but generated the results we were looking for. Peek has consistently done an excellent job of understanding what our company is about and powerfully delivering our message with clarity and results. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Peek Creative to other companies.
Gillian Green & Christine Thornton-Bowen, Business women of the year 2009, founders and directors of City Care Services Ltd
Working with Peek Creative has been a complete pleasure. The team has been professional and extremely thorough in developing an app for the HorseyHotties brand. Within one week of launching we have seen downloads in 20 countries as well as widespread coverage in the equestrian press. I look forward to a continued successful working relationship with Peek Creative and highly recommend their services.
Ginny Rose, Managing Director, HorseyHotties Ltd
I wanted to thank you for all your help with our recent re-branding. We’ve now got a slick new corporate identity which we can all be proud of, and which really does our company justice. I was particularly impressed how much time and effort you took in understanding our business and the qualities that the new identity needed to convey. The finished product is both a work of art and a stroke of genius.
James Stevenson, Virtual Aviation

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