The potential of digital to support your business is great. Knowing how to find and exploit that potential can be complex. Let Peek digital strategy agency help you.

What are you looking to do?

  • Generate increased sales and customer intimacy through online services.
  • Create increased business efficiencies through online processes.
  • Communicate more effectively with your customers.
  • Develop your technical platform for growth or internal agility
  • Gather business intelligence for effective decision-making.

A digital strategy will enhance customer perception and increase sales if it aligns with the overall business strategy and is the vision, roadmap, processes and tools that will transform an organisation in its use of digital delivery as a primary channel for its services.

The digital strategy can also set out any re-alignment of organisational structure and processes needed to create a level of agility in the continuous improvement of the customer experience, at an increased pace only available through digital channels.

The move to become ‘digital’ provides more personalised and immediate interactions with customers and stakeholders, leveraging data to serve the most relevant information and services for a user during their interaction. It defines the communications plan to engage users and transfer them to the new model.

What is digital strategy?
Digital strategy is a term that encompasses the more familiar areas of marketing, web and IT strategy. In essence it establishes, in an integrated way, how a company markets, sells and delivers its services to customers. Front to back.

Digital Marketing Strategy (DMS)
Although it is most often confused with DMS, digital strategy takes a much larger organisational approach and provides a foundation for more detailed marketing initiatives. DMS builds from a traditional marketing strategy and not directly from a business strategy and tends to focus on specific marketing channels and activities.

Web or online strategy
The web strategy looks specifically at web-based technologies and communications opportunities that deliver content to customers and users, while Digital Strategy examines underlying technologies, resources and processes that provide the foundation for a successful web strategy.

IT Strategy
While digital strategy inherently requires a deep integration with enabling business IT systems, the focus is on using technology platforms and tools to enable customer intimacy, fulfillment and content management. This differs from back office technology which focus on broader business needs, e.g. Financial reporting & productivity.

How can Peek digital agency help?

We can help your business by providing an independent review to diagnose and recommend how your business can make improvements in its online delivery of services to customers. We can also identify what technology and processes would be best suited to realise the improvement.

Peek’s Digital Strategy Review will ensure you have:

An overview of the customer needs in an online environment and how this impacts on your organisation.
Clarity on where your organisation sits in relation to competitors and other points of reference
Alignment between all digital projects and your wider business goals
A range of options and a clear explanation of how additional value can be generated
Action plan
Clear priorities for action, including identifying ‘quick wins’ and more strategic improvements to drive your business forward.

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      • Peek is a creative branding, digital design and marketing agency that helps businesses succeed through insight and imagination.
      • Our approach combines the latest thinking in the science of marketing, brand differentiation and digital strategy.
      • We’ll combine the latest creative channels and tools to make your project the best it can be.
      • Don’t just take our word for it, our clients love us and our trophy cupboard is full of design and business awards.
      • With a passion to learn new things combined with our broad experience and creative ‘can-do’ attitude means we are happy, work hard and proud of what we do.

What our clients say

Right from the start we were impressed with Peek's efficient and professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence but generated the results we were looking for. Peek has consistently done an excellent job of understanding what our company is about and powerfully delivering our message with clarity and results. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Peek Creative to other companies.
Gillian Green & Christine Thornton-Bowen, Business women of the year 2009, founders and directors of City Care Services Ltd
Working with Peek Creative has been a complete pleasure. The team has been professional and extremely thorough in developing an app for the HorseyHotties brand. Within one week of launching we have seen downloads in 20 countries as well as widespread coverage in the equestrian press. I look forward to a continued successful working relationship with Peek Creative and highly recommend their services.
Ginny Rose, Managing Director, HorseyHotties Ltd
I wanted to thank you for all your help with our recent re-branding. We’ve now got a slick new corporate identity which we can all be proud of, and which really does our company justice. I was particularly impressed how much time and effort you took in understanding our business and the qualities that the new identity needed to convey. The finished product is both a work of art and a stroke of genius.
James Stevenson, Virtual Aviation
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