Sarah-Jane’s book has hit the top of the charts with her book “49 Quick Ways to Market Your business for Free – An instant guide to marketing success.” It’s 2014 and the book is still topping the charts on both Amazon and iTunes and continues to be a bestsellter.

“I wrote this book as a result of giving many talks on low-cost or no-cost marketing to business networks. The demand for all the information in one place was extremely high, and although you could put this information on a website, the consensus was that an eBook you could take anywhere was a preferred option. ’49 Quick ways to market your business for free’ gives you everything you need for marketing your business in one easy, accessible place!” Sarah-Jane continued, “I was absolutely thrilled when my 9 year old daughter said ‘Mummy, why is your book on my kindle?” and there it was, on her top rated book suggestions”.

5 Star reviews on the book on both stores have continued to drive it up the charts where it has been market leader for over 15 months.

“This is a very short and clearly explained how take your company to market I recommend this book for any one need to about new way of marketing”

“Really useful, easy to understand, ‘bitesize’ tips to help any type of business with their marketing strategies. I actually believe this little free book is going to help my business so would rather the rest of you don’t read it after all!”
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