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The Rule of Law Index and Africa
Gambian-born Anna Gardner (nee Grey-Johnson) is one of the most renowned and influential African voices currently espousing the Rule of Law in Africa. This year she received the prestigious and highly coveted Solicitor of the Year 2010 award from the Law Society of England and Wales.

Anna is a leader, strategic thinker and communicator. But what makes her particularly remarkable is her ability to straddle and be effective in two very different worlds: a high pressure US multinational environment in her role as Legal Director at Hewlett-Packard; and her charity work as Founder of Tesito; Patron of Conserve Africa and Member of International Lawyers for Africa. Anna believes that the Rule of Law is the foundation of communities of opportunity and equity and is proud to be part of a movement that is transforming the way Africa is viewed and perceived in the world.

Anna gained her LLB at Nottingham University in 1991 and qualified as a solicitor in England in 1994. Her career includes tenure at the BBC, Accenture and Hewlett-Packard. She is currently the Legal Director of Global Emerging Markets for Hewlett-Packard.

Anna is married with 2 daughters and in her spare time she engages in pro bono work focusing on strengthening the Rule of Law in emerging countries and fund raising for TESITO and Conserve Africa Foundation.

About the Rule of Law Index TM – the World Justice Project

The Rule of Law Index™ is a new quantitative assessment tool designed by The World Justice Project to offer a detailed and comprehensive picture of the extent to which countries adhere to the rule of law in practice.

The Index consists of 10 factors and 49 sub-factors, organised under the a set of four principles, or bands, which constitute the WJP definition of the rule of law.

There are currently 70+ countries in the Index.


About Conserve Africa and the Rule of Law Index

Conserve Africa is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that aims to promote and implement sustainable development practices, policies and strategies in Africa through dissemination of information, training, education, research, advocacy and campaigning.


About TESITO (founded 2001)
Tesito is a UK Charity which partners with local communities in The Gambia to improve the lives of ordinary Gambians and undertakes community based programmes to raise the standard of health and education. Tesito means ‘self help’ in Mandinka. It was founded by Anna Gardner and originated in the small village of Julangel in the Gambia.

The major current objective is to lower the malarial morbidity rate in infants and pregnant women in Julangel village through the use of insecticide-treated bed nets, environmental control and social intervention.

Radio was used as the primary method of communication and a specially scripted and recorded soap based on BBC R4 “The Archers” carried the key messages to the population about Malaria. After the radio broadcasts began, in Julangel alone the percentage of under fives sleeping under a treated or intact net rose from 49% to 69%. In April this year Tesito opened a hospital in Julangel with a mother and baby clinic that is accessed by 50 neighbouring villages. Currently, Tesito is training school leavers in maternity practices to support the doctors.


What her supporters say:
Hongxial Liu, the executive director, The World Justice Project

“Anna has been instrumental, through tireless advocacy and lobbying of her colleagues, in getting Hewlett-Packard’s Legal department in EMEA and Asia Pacific to support the expansion of the Rule of Law Index to 35 new countries. The Rule of Law Index is a quantitative assessment tool designed to offer a comprehensive picture of the extent to which countries around the world adhere to the rule of law. It looks not only at the laws as written, but how they are actually implemented in practice and experienced by those who are subject to them. Having the attorneys in HP’s EMEA and Asia Pacific regions contribute to this exercise on a pro bono basis has added a unique perspective and enhanced the quality of the input into the tool.”
Dr. James Muhombe, chair of Conserve Africa

“Ms Gardner’s contributions to our efforts to promote environmental justice in Africa have made a real difference thereby positively impacting the reputation of the Legal profession amongst environmental groups, NGOs and the African public.
Ms. Joyce Norcini, the general counsel, Nokia Siemens Networks (formerly VP & Deputy General Counsel at Hewlett-Packard) said: “During my tenure at Hewlett-Packard, I was fortunate to work personally with Anna Gardner. Anna’s real leadership was demonstrated in her implementation of the Middle East & African Transformation plan, its adoption in the region and its business success.”


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