Audiggle – the smart new way to name that tune from your PC

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We all know in life it’s so frustrating when you hear a piece of music but just can’t name that tune! And we’ve all done it: Wasted far too much time on Google trying (unsuccessfully) to figure it out.

You need the right help, right now, to get the right answer. So why not use Audiggle?

Audiggle is a desktop application that captures a short clip of whatever audio is playing on your PC. It then searches a huge database of similar clips, and returns the answer.

Whether that’s the soundtrack to a scene in your favourite DVD, the backing track to a YouTube clip or maybe your favourite Internet radio station.

Whatever the source of music on your computer, just one click of the mouse and Audiggle will give you the title and artist.

So when you need to find a song, just use Audiggle.

Even better… you can buy your track from Amazon or iTunes directly from Audiggle.

Want to see the artist perform live? Audiggle can search for concerts and you can buy your tickets online.

Looking for the lyrics for the song you’ve just tracked down? Audiggle has them too!

Share your findings on your Facebook and Twitter account.

Audiggle isn’t just about songs in English – in fact it can recognise music from around the world in any language!

It’s easy to install on any PC with a microphone and speakers. Select a recording option, select a recording time and do an audio test. Now you’re ready to start using Audiggle.

Download Audiggle today and be part of the smart new way to find the name of that song.

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