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Facebook photography competition app

KOREC are the largest distributor of Trimble Surveying Equipment and Instruments in the UK and Ireland offering full sales, hire and repair services to Construction, Surveying and GIS Mapping industries

To use the Facebook channel to gather application stories and images of their product range in use.

Peek created a Facebook App to run the photo competition. It included a Like Gateway so that entrants had to become fans before being able to access the competition. The competition was set into different categories for photographs (On-site, Nature, Urban and Weather). Once the entrant had uploaded their photograph they were asked to describe and explain the photograph, what the project was, what their company does and how the kit was utilised to their advantage. Entrants we also allowed to cast votes on their favourite images.

The app gave full reporting statistics back to Korec including: mailing list, entrant details, votes case, ‘like’ report and overall visitor report.

“Peek Creative were a pleasure to work with, nothing ever seemed too much trouble. They responded quickly and efficiently to any last minute ideas and delivered what proved to be a successful photography competition app for our Facebook site.” Joshua Heaton, Korec Group.

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