What’s the difference between proposition and positioning?
Brand proposition: The bundle of benefits that the buyer derives out of any brand. It also includes the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) which the buyer benefit that no other brand can provide.

Brand positioning: it is how the brand appears and perceived against other brands in the same market/segment.

How do I know how my brand is perceived?

Using research you can gain an insight into your current brands perception. We offer an internet based survey tool that will allow you to collect the information to tell you:

  • What drives your brand
  • What drives your competitors’ brands
  • Which propositions you own, and how important they are
  • Which propositions are open for you to take

How can I improve my brand proposition?

Using the results of a survey you can refine your proposition. It must be clearly understood, engaging, presented in the right context for relevancy, and offer a solution to the target audience’s current wants and needs. Providing a brand proposition that is engaging, is easily understood, and offers an emotionally positive solution to needs and desires only serves to enhance the current customers’ perception of the brand and will get new customers to look your way. Following through with an excellent product/service and customer support will put an indelible mark in the memory of your existing customers; one that will create brand loyalty through good and bad times; a sure sign of a brand’s strength.