With over 800 million active users and over 26 million business accounts Instagram is a platform you can’t ignore, but is it for your business? Absolutely.

No matter what your brand is you can use Instagram to build and engage with your audience. Instagram gives you the opportunity to focus on the visual aspects of your brand. This can be products, people, applications, awards, you name it . It’s a way to express your brand story totally in pictures. But how do you do it?

Depending on your business or service you need to find a strategy and style that fits within your visual brand guidelines.

Once you’ve decided what your feed will look like use this checklist for every picture you post.

  1. What am I conveying?
  2. Is it clear?Is this part of the brand story?
  3. Is the picture superb – can I make a better crop?  does it need a filter?
  4. Have I used 3-6 relevant hash tags?
  5. Have it told people what to do next? (e.g. click on link in bio)

Use a tool like ColorStory to see what your feed will look like but use filters sparingly and only as part of your visual strategy.

Use Linktr.ee as a tool to be able to add multiple links from one in your profile. This way you can quickly update it to point people where you want them to go from your feed e.g. your latest blog post.

Here are 5 business instagram accounts to inspire you:

1. Museum of Ice Cream

This is a great example of using a colour palette as your theme. Yes, it’s an Ice Cream Museum. They have teamed up with a photographer to add interest to their photos and do a good mix of abstracts, people and product shots.

2. Tesla Motors

With 4.6m followers this company is doing a great job of telling their story. Whilst it is product heavy, their feed shows all the details of their product development and testing – fascinating!

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Panoramic glass roof on Model Y

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3. Titos Vodka

This man, Tito, was the first person to get a legal permit to distill Vodka in Texas in 1995.  His instagram uses a great idea to promote what he loves most –vodka and dogs. With professional looking photography and ideas of what to mix your vodka with he’s amassed nearly 100,000 followers who regularly engage with his instagram account.

4. AirBNB

User generated content is what keeps the AirBNB instagram account going; showcasing the most unique places to stay across the globe. A nicely curated mix of images showing not only the accommodation but offering a glimpse of the experience you might have if you stay there. Inspiring.

5.  Petalon Flowers

Using bikes made by her husband, Florence Kennedy’s hand-tied bouquets make for lovely images of course, but she has mixed it with home life to add her own personality to the feed and tell her story. I followed it just because of the fabulous pictures of their Great Dane, Hux.

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Love seeing the riders heading off on delivery. 👋

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