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Anna Gardner // Case Study // Branding

How did Peek help the solicitor of the year engage the world in the debate and promote the Rule of Law?

Anna Gardner branding by Peek Creative Limited
Anna Gardner Logo zoomed in to highlight A and G by Peek Creative Limited

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About this project

Gambian-born Anna Gardner won the prestigious and highly coveted Solicitor of the Year at the Law Society's Excellence Awards.

Anna believes that the Rule of Law is the foundation of communities of opportunity and equity and is proud to be part of a movement transforming how Africa is viewed and perceived in the world.

She is renowned for her innovative business and quality of life practices, successful approaches to practice management, and her contributions through social responsibility, equality, and diversity initiatives. She believes that it is important to help business in developing countries to be conducted in a way that is both legally compliant and ethical. Anna is proud to be part of a movement that is improving things.


Peek developed the new brand for Anna Gardner that used the letters AG in the full logotype form and monogram form to act as both the linking device and as the shorthand form on Social Media icons.

We then helped Anna to build and deploy a website to help bring the Rule of Law in Africa to the fore.

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