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The ground breaking App for Webtec’s latest portable hydraulic tester made industry headlines.

Technical Innovation of the Year

Webtec was given a Finalist award for its latest DHM4 series portable hydraulic tester with the QuickCert™ App nominated for Technical innovation of the year.


Webtec is specialist manufacturers of hydraulic measurement and control products that help to improve the productivity of heavy machinery.

For over 50 years they have been providing innovative solutions to help customers worldwide in the industrial, mobile, and agricultural sectors to diagnose hydraulic faults, verify hydraulic conditions and achieve hydraulic control.

Webtec spotted the potential of using Bluetooth™ technology and client’s mobile phones to deliver diagnostic testing data in a more convenient, immediate and innovative way. They approached Peek with an outline of what they were looking to achieve.

We developed the QuickCert™ App to allow field service engineers to be able to carry out diagnostic testing or preventative maintenance. Peek achieved this by seamlessly pairing Webtec devices with the users iPhone, using low-power Bluetooth™ and the new Webtec QuickCert™ App.

Have a peek at the video

The app allows users in the mobile machinery industry to produce and email their test certificate within seconds, without needing to return to the office.

The Webtec QuickCert™ App

The App works with a Digital Hydraulic Multi-meter (DHM) recorded data retrieval tool, which wirelessly uploads data from the hydraulic diagnostic meter via Bluetooth™. Uploaded data can be reviewed in tabulated or chart format before converting to a PDF certificate and emailing to a customer making the whole process quick, efficient and accountable.

Easy to use from the outset

The user interface design followed the design patterns used on existing Webtec products. These familiar patterns help users to quickly navigate around the QuickCert™ App, grouping the information and the hierarchies as they wanted to in simple and efficient steps.

The user interface used these pattern recognition devices as much as possible, favouring 2-dimensional representations, tables and objects to speed-up recognition and comprehension.

The Little Blue Box

The blue background colour was chosen as a visual recognition cue to the physical Multi-meter, which is known colloquially in the industry as The Blue Box. This significant brand asset has international recognition and acts as a short-hand to the exceptional quality of Webtec products, which we wanted to enhance further with the QuickCert™ App.

Working closely with Webtec’s engineering team helped us to integrate the Bluetooth™ connectivity from the Digital Hydraulic Multi-meter directly into the QuickCert™ App.

Delivering success

The new generation of Webtec hydraulic testers with Bluetooth™ and integration to the Webtec QuickCert™ App proved so successful at launch that demand outstripped supply to distributors around the world.

The app is available to download free on the Apple Store.

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