We work with businesses and individuals to design, develop and market smartphone and tablet applications. Our specialist knowledge, innovative and agile approach enable us to deliver great applications for you. We build both native apps and multi-platform HTML5 web apps for iOS, Android, RIM and Windows.

How Peek can help you

We can help your company make the most of your mobile devices. If you want to allow mobile workers to share information and collaborate as effectively as office-based workers, our proven skills in collaborative working can help develop the right app for your situation.

We use the latest development techniques for mobile devices, using the same professional approach as for all our developments. This allows us to produce apps that can run on a wide range of phones and tablets, including iPhones and Android devices. These apps can be produced quickly and cheaply to meet your needs. We can help whether you want an internal app just for your organisation’s competitive advantage or you want to publish and promote your app on the Android Marketplace or iTunes App Store.

We can work with your current server environments and extend your business to your mobile users whether they are staff, suppliers, customers, or potential customers. Our apps can alert users when there are updates available and allow them to store credentials to allow them to authenticate without difficulty.

Creating an app for the brand is one way in which businesses can supplement their existing brand without defining it, and it can have a myriad of benefits for both the consumer and the business.

For the brands themselves, the advantages of implementing an app and including it in the entire mobile strategy are plentiful. Apps can help to build relationships and loyalty with consumers, as well as increasing visibility and accessibility. Businesses can bypass email spam and junk folders by sending notifications directly to the app, and they can connect with customers that are on-the-go and might just be steered into their store with a well-placed ad or a discount code. Social networking strategies will be enhanced, repeat business is increased and the brand is reinforced.

Areas of expertise in app development

Strategic consultancy
Designing and building an app
App analytics
Designing UI & UX
Human factors engineering
Customer journey design
Defining and implementing digital strategy
Dashboard and software interface design
Deploying apps
Successful app marketing strategy

Best selling suite of IELTS education apps for Cullen Education

Working with Peek Creative has been a complete pleasure. The team has been professional and extremely thorough in developing my apps. I look forward to a continued successful working relationship with Peek Creative and highly recommend their services.

Pauline Cullen, Cullen Education

Peek’s process


At this initial stage we establish your needs and gain a clear understanding of the objectives of the project. We then identify the project teams, roles and responsibilities. Which is then followed by us defining the process that you’d like to use to manage the project. Our proposal is submitted to meet your requirements and covers project scope, objectives, budget, deliverables and terms and conditions.


Included in this stage are activities such as conducting research to learn about your audiences and specific markets, analysis of the competitive landscape, understanding key messages and auditing any current marketing material. This stage is about learning as much as possible prior to design to enable us to identify the creative strategy and produce the design brief.


This stage involves exploring different approaches, refining a variety of design directions and presenting our recommended route. We then evaluate this route with you to check that it is fulfilling the project objectives. The approach is then applied to the various deliverables and we define the details prior to moving in to production.


At this stage we produce and manage the production of all the deliverables for the project. We collaborate with the writers, photographers, programmers and printers needed. This is an important stage of the project as it is the last opportunity to make any adjustments to the work. It involves us liaising with you to sign-off the work that is being produced.


We like to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our work. This can be done both formally and informally to understand if the objectives we set at the outset are being met.

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