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Applying design thinking to structure data reports for a unicorn technology business.

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About this project

A good report should provide insight into the organisation’s strategy and how it relates to its ability to create value in the short, medium and long term.

We helped define and write a process that could specify the data collection requirements for technology clients of Apptio’s software.

Our solution

We produced a prompt for each stage of the reporting process and a PowerPoint presentation to explain the customer-centric reporting model and how customers might prefer to receive their information.

The presentation details the design principles of good reporting, with examples of the different styles and formats of reporting available. It also analysed the data that could be collected and how it would need to be collected and collated to produce meaningful insights.

Peek’s reporting framework was then used to integrate this data-collection process into Apptio’s existing systems. This allowed customer support teams to generate reports on demand, giving customers real-time access to detailed reports.

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