Their success is based on a commitment to discovery, finding new ideas that are inspired by life and which in turn help to inspire the lives of their stakeholders.

Internal communications

The Year in brief report tells the story about AstraZeneca from the perspective of the AstraZeneca employees worldwide. It covers many parts of their company and covers all of the many parts of the world in which they operate.

The report was designed to convey the different ways that the AstraZeneca employees have contributed to the success of the organisation.

We tried to capture and convey some great examples and conversations that demonstrate their business objectives in action, as well as illustrate the culture of AstraZeneca.

Annual AstraZeneca Year in Brief Report

The report was gathered through conversations, interviews and round-table discussions with the employees and the senior executive team. These stories were then divided into four categories: transformation; business objectives; becoming an employer of choice; and corporate social responsibility.

The report was designed to act as a conversation starter and the catalyst for further conversations. To facilitate that a website was created in the form of an online forum to enable employees to share their own stories.

The report was produced in many languages to help align the corporate values and close the gaps in communication across the company.