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How did we help to ensure every mother can give her baby the best possible start in life, whatever her circumstances?

Birth Companions // Case Study // Charity Support

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The Birth Charter
Annual Reports
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About this project

The Birth Charter was developed in consultation with Birth Companions' service users and with guidance from the Royal College of Midwives and UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative. It was intended to help inform both policy and practice relating to the care and treatment of these vulnerable women and their babies, covering a range of issues from antenatal care and birth partners to breastfeeding, family visits and counselling.

Birth Companions worked with Peek to help them to design and produce the Charter in an interesting and engaging way. The Charter was designed to be suitable for use on a national scale and to be easily understood by all stakeholders, including government, service managers, commissioners, health professionals, and those directly involved in providing care.
Birth Companions, Birth Charter designed by Peek Creative Limited
Birth Companions, Birth Charter designed by Peek Creative Limited
Birth Companions, Birth Charter designed by Peek Creative Limited

The solution

In addition to the Charter, Birth Companions also collaborated with Peek to help them produce their Annual Reports. The reports were used as an important evidence-based tool to highlight the needs of their service users and advocate for improved standards of care. The reports were used to demonstrate the tangible impact that Birth Companions had on the lives of vulnerable mothers and newborns, which in turn encouraged further investment from key stakeholders.

A range of literature was produced by Peek in order to raise awareness and promote the Birth Companions service. The literature was designed to be accessible, informative and engaging in order to reach a wide range of stakeholders. The literature enabled Birth Companions to highlight their services further and make a strong case for improved standards of care for these vulnerable mothers and babies.

The Birth Charter has now been made into a toolkit to help other organisations to develop their own policies and procedures for providing better care. The charter has been widely adopted by many organisations and government organisations across the UK, helping them improve care standards and support mothers in need. Peek's work with Birth Companions is an excellent example of how design can be used to achieve positive social change.

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