Making sure your brand is the the first choice

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out in business or have a long history behind you. Your business will have, or will need, a clearly defined brand. Peek brand consultants will help you define the most powerful benefits of your brand to communicate to your target customers.

So what is a brand?

More than just a logo, that’s for sure. It’s everything from the look and feel, to the expectation you have of that product or service delivery. Millions are spent every year differentiating brands across the world so that choices can be made.

What power then does a brand have?

Consumers are far more aware of who they give their money to in exchange for products or services. They are heavily influenced by recommendations and pay attention to positive and negative feedback that can easily be shared through social media channels.

A clearly defined brand will create desire and deliver the brand’s promise. Put simply it acts as your brand’s guarantee of consistency and quality and provides your customers with this understanding, so that they can choose your product or service in preference to that of your competitors. It acts as your desired differentiation. In order for brands to stay ahead in changing times, they need to remain constantly desirable.

Your brand needs to be differentiated. Your brand’s benefits should be understandable, believable, unique and compelling. A promise that your customers and all your other stakeholders care about.

Any new brand created is informed by, and feeds directly back into, what your business is trying to achieve. Which means the business will witness tangible results that accelerate growth. At Peek we don’t believe that branding should be a process that takes months to complete; we can create a new brand in as little as three weeks.

Whether you are looking to launch a new brand, or revitalise an existing brand, brand consultants Peek can help you achieve differentiation, clarity and purpose.

Peek’s brands begin with an idea

Investigate – To understand the world the brand lives in

In this stage we aim to understand the company, its market, prospects etc. We identify both the functional and practical attributes of the brand and the potential emotional attributes of brand association.
This phase includes:

  • Understanding the market, product/services, and competition
  • Talking to members of the staff (marketing and sales)
  • Reviewing feedback from current customers about the benefits of the product
  • Site trip/product trial
  • Competitor research

Distil – Get to the essence of the brand

During this next step we analyse the information and create the brand architecture. Here we agree the core of the brand ‘essence’ – the key words that drive all the visuals and communications of the brand. This essence should be differentiated, appealing and aspirational. It will articulate the key functional and emotional values of the brand.
Activities include:

  • Our analysis of information gathered
  • Your brand’s positioning map
  • Your brand’s proposition

Explore the Vision

Following on from stage two we will develop a brand marque, applying it to a selection of communication material (eg, letterheads, business card, brochure, corporate information pack, website home page) to bring the brand to life.

The Answer – Implementation of the brand and launch

Here, we work alongside you to prepare and install the Brand across the collateral. Supplying guidelines to be distributed internally and externally, ensuring consistent application of the brand.

Areas of expertise in brand consultancy

Creating a new brand
Developing a new brand name
Revitalising a brand for growth
Positioning a brand better in the marketplace
Evaluating a brand proposition
Analysis of a brand
Defining a brand
Differentiating a brand
Creating a new brand identity
Third sector branding

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