County Town Homes

With a new name from Peek in hand, County Town Homes needed a new brand identity to take the new brand to market and turned to Peek for help.

Building a brand new name

Peek facilitated a brand naming and brand consultancy workshop to get the ball rolling. Key members of the County Town Homes team took part in a fruitful session to set the framework for the new brand.

After distilling the key messages from the workshop, Peek presented a short list of names, from which one was chosen: County Town Homes.

County Town Homes Brand icon

Capturing the heritage

The identity was developed for the name based on the key symbol of the company’s location, the Stafford knot.

The knot appears prominently on the flag of the historic county of Staffordshire, as well as on the banner of Staffordshire County Council. The motto of the county council is “the knot unites”, a reference to the Stafford knot. It also appears on the coat of arms of the Borough of Stafford.

The Interlocking Cs form the motif for the design, creating a striking and memorable marque. The heritage of the county itself is brought to life, enabling the very essence of the brand proposition to be represented.