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Our recent naming projects are collated here, many other examples are dotted throughout our website pages. To read any case simply click on an image to go to that page.

The Pawa of a strong service name

EBS is the leading full-service provider of EPG data for platforms and channels worldwide. EBS had a difficult task for Peek as they had this ever expanding range of services underpinned by software and some clever people, but it had no name.

Generating the product name for a great kick start

Cyrus Audio – an award winning specialist audio company who have an obsession for ever higher quality reproduction. The focus of our work was to introduce the Cyrus brand to a younger audience and hook them onto the brand so they could build themselves a better music experience.

Establishing the firm foundation for the Baltic’s leading legal names

We were approached by the firms behind what was to become the new Ellex brand to help them translate over 25 years worth of experience into a brand that was relevant to the diverse audiences their firms face today. Welcome to Ellex. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania’s leading legal circle.

Delivering an adventurous home-cooking ranges new name

A brand new company in a brand new market. Forget ready meals, what you want are carefully selected ingredients from great producers in the right quantity with a lovely recipe all picked, packed and delivered fresh to your door.

Introducing a new product’s signature name

The Great Projects provides unique ways to contribute to helping the World’s most endangered species.

Conveying the brands proposition in words and name

Our challenge was to come up with a new name for a new restaurant chain to enable it to distinguish itself from amongst a horde of competitors for an audience of casual diners.

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