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How did Peek originate a new restaurant’s brand name to help distinguish it in a crowded market?

Burgo // Case Study // Brand naming

Burgo Packaging by Peek Creative Limited

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What is Burgology?

We were approached by a husband and wife team who both shared a passion for food. It had always been their dream to one day have a restaurant of their own and in March their dream came true.
Burgology the science of creating burgers by Peek Creative Limited
Our challenge was to come up with a new name for their first restaurant to enable it to distinguish itself from amongst a horde of competitors for an audience of casual diners. Their competitors range from large household names to artisan outlets in both the local and national marketplace.

We led unapologetically with the name Burgo creating a sense of ownership in this crowded marketplace, giving the brand both a stance and a position that clearly differentiated it from its competitors.

The Burgo brand encapsulates the ethos of the “homemade” element that comes from the fact that the husband and wife team bring their food inventions to life through their restaurant menu. The marinades, recipes and the sauces that are used throughout the restaurant, are all homemade. The brand encapsulates this by the use of the derivative terms, The Burgologists, for the chefs and Burgology, quite literally the science of making tasty homemade burgers.

The solution

Overall there was a tight deadline for project completion. The new restaurant was in the process of being designed and fitted out when we started the project. So, we had to quickly establish a way of naming the new venture and representing that in brand form. We visited the site, and the local area to get a flavour of the culture and cuisine, discussing the menus and the overall strategy that the team wanted to adopt. We were then able to deliver an early kit of parts with the capacity to help the business grow and for the brand name to be implemented quickly and efficiently.

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