G’s Fresh

A bespoke internal communications app that combined social media with serious business.

Quality matters

Welcome to G’s. From onions to celery, radish to mushrooms and a vast array of other crops, G’s supply all the major UK and many European retailers with fresh, tasty and healthy produce. This comes with many challenges, which includes quality control. To assist with this important issue, Peek worked with G’s to develop an internal visual communication app that allowed in-store Produce Managers to monitor and report on any quality control issues enabling them to be resolved quickly an effectively.

The App, which was designed specifically to work on a HUDL, carried important information about not only the produce, but the growers too. This included weather reports which affect crop growth, harvest and therefore supply availability of produce.

A messaging service was included allowing visual reporting to be pinged between the customer’s staff in-store and the G’s office. The app took advantage of the camera on the device enabling the Manager to photograph and mark-up any spoils or issues with the produce.

The commenting feature had the ability to be moderated and also included the use of hashtags and predictive terms specific to the business to speed up communication.

For security, the app only worked within a certain area, so if the device was taken out of the premises, it was locked and could not be accessed.