CamMarket Research Recruitment

CamMarket Research Recruitment is a healthcare recruitment agency based in Cambridgeshire specialising in the recruitment of medical professionals to participate in ad-hoc market research.

Recruiting nationally for Healthcare specialities

Our objective was to refresh the brand and develop the company’s first website presence aiming to attract new clients as well as recruit research participants.

CamMarket has been operating since 1992 and collectively has more than 50 years of experience of delivering exceptional quality, often hard to locate medical professionals to participate in market research projects. Their clients include a wealth of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare market research agencies and PR agencies.

They recruit respondents nationally for the healthcare industry from both the primary and secondary care sectors. Their national approach, rather than regional focus ensures a broad geographical spectrum of policies and opinions. Every job, regardless of size, therapy area or methodology, is welcomed and delivered in a professional, efficient and timely manner.


A striking logo with a fun twist along with a vibrant website to reflect the company’s growing marketshare.


“I am really pleased with the new brand and the website is great. Finally I can point my clients and prospects to my website with pride! Many thanks Peek. I would recommend you to any business who needs creative work, that works.”

Siobhan Monaghan-Keeler, Managing Director, CamMarket