Direct marketing campaign for the S2 Partnership

S2 Partnership

A quirky mailer hinting on the season with a visual twist to grab attention and encourage a response for the S2 Partnership. A successful and growing independent Health & Safety and Environmental consultancy providing specialist safety solutions to service-sector businesses in the UK and Europe.

Quirky mailer that grabbed attention and delivered results

Our challenge was clear, how could we cut through the noise of the season and engage S2’s audience with a message that was memorable, inspired action and boosted engagement.

From this flowed a number of key questions for the marketing brief. Should we focus on existing customers or new ones? Did we want more buying from existing clients or more buyers?

Wrapping up the offer

The answer was to wrap the offer in a time sensitive way and make it attractive both in financial and business terms. These triggers helped to convert a high percentage of the audience that it was sent to. The direct mailer achieved this by provoking responses on its own and the follow up email campaign then re-inforced both the messaging and the offer, again in a time sensitive manner that help convert more new business for the S2 Partnership.

The physical mailing was produced on high-quality paper and delivered in a brand coloured envelope, with addressees names and addresses hand written rather than printed for a more personal touch. This personal attention to detail reflected the care and effort used in the message.

Delivering results by the sackful

Overall the direct mailing added a unique and tangible dimension to the media mix of the seasonal campaign. With its tactile, personal and individual approach helping to convert the audience. The email campaign help to bolster the overall campaign success by reminding the audience of the offer and the need to act promptly to take advantage of it.

The first booking was received the morning that the mailer hit the desk.

“I love the concepts that Peek come up with and this was perfect.”.

Jennifer Eastman, Marketing Manager, S2 Partnership
Direct Marketing Campaign memorable image