Evaluating a name

Evaluating the name is critical.Skills in linguistics, marketing, brand trends and naming approaches all need to be applied creatively to develop a company name that resonates with the target audiences.

Evaluate the possibilities

It isn’t just creating a name that is the challenge, it can also be difficult to get your key stakeholders to agree on a new name. Individuals will often fall in love with a name as soon as they hear it regardless of whether it is right for the business, or not . It is important therefore to understand the criteria which the the name must meet before the process begins to help balance out heart and head.

Some people believe that their new brand name will do all the heavy lifting of engagement and perception, but this takes time to achieve but having a great name is a good start. The messaging and brand experience are built up overtime with the use of ongoing marketing activities. Famous brand names that have catapulted to fame initially still require ongoing effort to keep them on track. Being top of mind and establishing yourself in the marketplace, for the right reasons, takes time and effort for longevity.