Whether it’s your corporate brochure or an exhibition stand Peek graphic designers can help you get your design project moving.

The design brief

Every project is unique. There are certain things that we need to know and understand in order for us to produce our best work for you.

These include:
the purpose of your business
your corporate culture
your specific products and services
the demographics of your customers
the identified need for this design project
the expectations from this project

Design project management

Our process for managing a design project is simple, yet thorough.

Project initiation

We define the objectives, purpose, scope and deliverables and identify the people and resources required to deliver the project.


We set the plans to manage time, risk and issues, chances, quality and everything else that will be done during project execution.


This is where the work actually gets done. Updates on status and communications are important through this phase to ensure they are of value and moving the project forward.


Formally completing a project helps us review and report the overall success of the project.