Investing in your brand

The bottom line is that branding is an investment in your company. The brand identity design consists of all the elements of your brand that need to be considered and prescribed. From the logotype itself, the brand name, symbol and brand colours that help identify and differentiate your brand from all the others.

How much does a brand identity design cost?

The cost of the brand will vary depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. Small local brands will not be comparable to large international branding projects. By working closely with you, our creative team develops an understanding of your business needs and can work within your budget to deliver a branding solution that brings your story to life.

How long does it take for Peek to develop a brand identity?

A brand identity design can be delivered within as little as three to four weeks. The timeline for the development of the brand will be discussed with you to ensure that we meet your requirements.

Who owns the copyright to my brand?

Once full payment has been received, you do. To protect your brand you may like to consider registering it as a trademark with a patent attorney. We can help you to identify this if required too.

What happens if I don’t like what Peek comes up with?

We’re fortunate enough to rarely have to deal with this situation but if it comes up, we’ll work on it until you love it.

I don’t have much of a budget. What’s the best way to proceed?

Talk to us. We may well be able to tap into a funding stream to help you.

Areas of expertise in brand consultancy

Creating a new brand
Developing a new brand name
Revitalising a brand for growth
Positioning a brand better in the marketplace
Evaluating a brand proposition
Analysis of a brand
Defining a brand
Differentiating a brand
Creating a new brand identity
Third sector branding

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