Marketing is about many things, but above all else it is about commitment. It’s not something you do for a few days and forget about. As long as you are in business, you are in marketing. Every person in your organisation has a role to play in marketing keeping their eyes and ears open for new ideas and ways to communicate.

How can Peek help?

Why not harness these ideas and form them into a marketing strategy? We can help you with practical and affordable actions that will positively affect your business.

B2B marketing has changed drastically over the past five years and in order to succeed in 2019, you need to go digital. Not only has the B2B buyer changed—millennials now comprise half of all B2B buyers—but so has the B2B buying process. When researching new products and services, today’s B2B buyer makes an average of 12 searches online and looks for the same digital experience they encounter during the B2C sales cycle.

What that means is you need to provide an online experience that not only captures the attention of all those involved in the B2B buying process, but also nudges them along your sales funnel and into your CRM system.

When you think about it, all marketing drives should be sustainable. A “campaign” should always pay for itself. If it doesn’t, it’s not worth doing. Many B2B companies, however, neglect this fundamental fact and go ahead with marketing initiatives anyway, telling themselves that they are for the short-term and will benefit the company in diffuse ways later. 

Generating a positive ROI over the long haul is a challenge. It’s not about developing a single campaign that you hope will go “viral.” It’s about nurturing relationships, slowly building your digital presence, and gathering data for customer insights. Like so many things in business, it takes time and money.

You’ll always want to make your budget work harder and there are many ways to do this if you’re pointed in the right direction.

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Our clients include many small-to-medium size businesses and start-ups too.

89% of B2B marketers use content marketing – are you?

Content Marketing Institute – 2019

Where do you start?

You can ask yourself these initial questions about your marketing:

When did you last review your website?
Have you read your brochure recently?
Does your logo look like its days are numbered?
Are your messages being communicated loud and clear?
When was the last time you talked to your customers?

If the answer is “I don’t know, or ‘not recently’ then this is a good opportunity to take a breath and review where your business is today. This will help you with deciding where to focus your marketing efforts and that all important budget.

“The workshop provided a good opportunity to stand back and really explore the brand and what it stood for. Peek offered a good balance of questions and suggestions which enabled us to achieve our objective.”

Samantha Munns, Leadership Development Operations Manager, First Ascent Group

Why not take part in a marketing consultancy workshop?

Our workshops are ideal for your business as it gives you the chance to share knowledge and explore options, particularly around brand positioning. Use our workshops as a strategic review of your marketing activity, looking for new ideas to freshen it up and tackle new areas, such as digital and content marketing.

According to the Design Council surveys, businesses who invest in marketing have much better brand awareness and brexit recovery chances.

If you’d like to give your marketing a makeover with ideas you can put into action today that are proven to give positive results get in touch today.

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