How to position your brand

Brand positioning is one of the cornerstones of any brands marketing strategy. A strong brand positioning directs marketing strategy by explaining the brand in detail.

What’s the difference between positioning and proposition?

Brand positioning

It is how the brand appears and perceived against other brands in the same market/segment.

Brand proposition

The bundle of benefits that the buyer derives out of any brand. It also includes the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) which the buyer will benefit from, and that no other brand can provide. 

Based on your brand proposition, you can position your brand in the market place using a perceptual map. 

What’s a perceptual map?

A perceptual map defines the market in terms of the way buyers perceive key characteristics of competing products or services. Here’s an example of a basic map using price and quality as the criteria.

Areas of expertise in brand consultancy

Creating a new brand
Developing a new brand name
Revitalising a brand for growth
Positioning a brand better in the marketplace
Evaluating a brand proposition
Analysis of a brand
Defining a brand
Differentiating a brand
Creating a new brand identity
Third sector branding

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