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Interpreting the brand in motion. 

Kinstellar // Case Study // Brand Awareness

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Kinstellar. Exceptional together.  

Kinstellar approached Peek to produce a series of adverts to raise their brand profile within the European legal community.

Interpreting the Kinstellar brand in motion

The adverts were to be premiered at Vienna Airport to tie-in with the international legal conference that Kinstellar were sponsoring. Kinstellar wanted something that conveyed what services they offered and interpreted their brand in motion.

We outlined our approach and proposed a solution that reflected their desire to become the leading premium law firm in the Central and Eastern European region. This included running a short advert in the baggage reclaim area at Vienna Airport during all the flight arrivals for two weeks. We took over every screen with alternating black and white versions of the Kinstellar advert. This ensured we had a captive audience and the most coverage we could achieve with the budget.

The brand identity is made up of six key elements: logo, photography, Kinstellar watermark, colour, typography and tone of voice. The balance of how these elements are conveyed is critical to Kinstellar’s Driven by Excellence stance.


As a result of the high-profile advertising and event sponsorship Kinstellar’s brand recognition was increased and profile raised delivering more engagements and enquiries for the firm.

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