Ellex Circle

With the ambition to reshape the legal market in the Baltics, the region’s three strongest and most highly ranked firms turned to Peek to name and brand their new alliance – The Ellex Circle.

Ellex Law Firm Naming, branding and marketing

What’s in a name?

The combined size and depth allow the three firms to cover a wide range of legal issues. Knowledge of both local and EU laws allows them to see future trends and solve a particular client‘s problem by having a broader perspective. How do you find a name that encompasses all this? Add to this the complexity that each firm needed to retain its own name and identity within the alliance as they were still all independent firms.

Conveying the right brand values

The new name was to be perceived as a trustworthy and most reliable choice for diligent clients who appreciate legal security and mitigation of risks; It is not about what laws do prohibit, it’s about finding out of box solutions to move business forward.

An international position

Peek undertook an international positioning review to understand more about the framework in which the new brand would be operating. Taking into consideration relevance, differentiation, credibility and attainability and carrying out a SWOT analysis on the three firms.

“Our vision is to be the first and the best choice in the Baltics for
international clients. To be a legal services provider with the highest professional and ethical reputation. Ellex will be the leader of the Baltic legal market in all the most important fields. To employ the best legal professionals delivering a full service business law firm”.

The vision of the new alliance was to be the first choice in the Baltics for international clients. The name for this new alliance needed to be recognisable on a global scale.

Peek presented the name of the Ellex Circle and the underlining strapline of Experience success.

Brand identity design

“The Ellex brand is seen as quality mark that guarantees the highest level service in the field. All the firms continue to work as independent companies with local owners but following the group’s rules and guidelines.”

Steve Creamer, Creative Director, Peek.

The strategy of ‘ a branded house’ rather than a ‘house of brands’ led the direction of the individual firm identities. Each company clearly visually identified itself with the Ellex brand guidelines enabling them to promote themselves with consistent on-brand messaging whilst communicating their individual values.

The three firms joining the Ellex Circle are:

Raidla Ellex, which is based in Tallinn, Estonia and led by founder and Senior Partner, Jüri Raidla. Known for their expertise in Corporate, Real Estate and Transport practice areas.

Klavins Ellex, which resides in Riga, Latvia and is led by partners Filips Klavins and Raimonds Slaidiņš who originally practised law in the USA before returning to Latvia to establish their Tier 1 firm specialising in Financial, Corporate and Real Estate.

Valiunas Ellex, which is set in the heart of Vilnius, Lithuania and headed up by Managing Partner, Rolandas Valiunas. Their key areas are Mergers & Acquisitions, Joint ventures and Corporate Governance.