Our copywriting, messaging and brand expression work needed to convey the getting things done ethos that Linklaters is known for. If there is a way, they will find it.

The law is never black and white

As one of the leading premium global law firms, they undertake the most important and challenging assignments for the world’s leading companies, financial institutions and governments, helping them to achieve their objectives by solving their most complex and important legal issues.

Linklaters believe that we are the firm that delivers what many consider to be unachievable. In short, if Linklaters cannot do it then no one can. This philosophy is central to everything that they do and has been distilled into their core brand positioning, ‘achieving the unachievable’. It’s this positioning that differentiates Linklaters from other leading global law firms.

Implementing the brand expression

Our work needed to enhance the brand to clients and potential graduate recruits and needed to deliver consistent messages at a global level.

The brand expression work demonstrated the calibre of the high profile work Linklaters undertake and the related complexities and challenges. Expressed in a unique tone of voice that was used in all of the communications.

The visually distinctive style was used to make the most of the written words. Words are, after all, the tools of the trade for lawyers and this visual style was both appealing and challenging. The imaginative wordplay helped to express the idea of the challenge and creative thinking.

The typography was handled sensitively and crafted to the highest standards, demonstrating Linklater’s passion for excellence.

Appropriate wordplay and juxtaposition helped give headlines and straplines double meanings making the reader stop and think.

The brand work was implemented on advertising, collateral, websites, marketing material and graduate recruitment campaigns.