Linx Printing Technologies

When Linx Printing Technologies, a leading global provider of coding and marking printers, wanted to harness mobile technology to deliver more sophisticated selling tools to the Linx global sales teams, they chose Peek.

Harnessing mobile app development for the global sales teams

Linx’s equipment is sold globally via a distributor network. These are not Linx owned companies, but autonomous resellers who may also sell products from other suppliers. In order to make it easy for their distributors to promote the Linx products above the competitors a range of selling tools are available to them.

Linx chose to work with Peek to develop a suite of smartphone Apps which can be downloaded onto the distributor sales teams’ mobile devices. These Apps are to replace the current familiar formats of pdfs, jpegs, PowerPoints, videos and Excel spreadsheets making it easier to access information on the move.

Peek are producing beautiful and innovative applications for Linx, making full use of the display on the iPhone and multi-touch user interface. For the Blackberry, the constraints of the operating system and small screen size provide more of a challenge to produce Apps that contain detailed information but are still intuitive and easy to use. All the Apps are prototyped and built incrementally with versions released to specific devices for user testing and feedback before we compile the finished Apps ready for distribution.

Linx App development for iOS, Android and Blackberry

As this was Linx’s first adventure into mobile application development, we guided them through the entire process. Everything from their Apple account registration that enables them to distribute their Apps privately, to releasing the Apps via their secure Extranet.

To help distribute the Apps, Peek branded and designed the Linx App Library which fitted snugly into the existing Extranet provided by Linx to their distributors. The user interface of the App Library, functionality and user journeys were all specified by Peek for installation.

We also provided instructions for the server set up of the both OTA (over the air) and Standard Installation of the Apps for both iPhone and Blackberry platforms. We wrote the user guide for the end user too, to help those who may be unfamiliar with installing third party Apps to their devices.

The first Apps in the suite have been successfully released this summer on the iPhone and Blackberry platforms. In order to encourage feedback Peek suggested that an incentive was offered in a prize draw competition. The feedback was able to be sent directly from the App and entries have flooded in.

“Peek held our hands throughout the process and were very knowledgable on all aspects of the App development and deployment. Their ideas were inspirational and the feedback has been very positive.”

Paul Doody, Global Marketing Director, Lynx Printing Technologies