Exhibition: Making a success of your exhibition

Exhibition: Making a success of your exhibition

A considerable investment in time and money, an exhibition is a perfect opportunity to create a significant impact, get noticed and achieve some good press coverage.

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We have years of experience in and around exhibitions, we have worked on exhibition stands around the world. Our services extend to concept development, sourcing and managing on-stand events, pre exhibition press activity, product and service launches and post event PR and lead management.

Our exhibition design services include

  • •new and used display systems and exhibition equipment to suit all budgets including accessories and lighting systems
  • a professional design team to bring your company’s products and services to life with stunning graphics and artwork
IT professionals who can design and develop multimedia displays and audio visuals to attract people to your exhibition stand and hold their interest in your displays

  • support services ranging from installation and dismantling to project and asset management
a team fully up to date with the latest health and safety and legal requirements around the world to ensure your exhibition stand complies with local legislation

Our exhibition PR services include

  • pre exhibition PR and media management to generate awareness of attendance of the show
  • promotional and hospitality staff support during the show
arranging and hosting press events during the show

  • organising media interviews with key journalists at the show

  • writing and submitting entries into show awards

  • photography and post event PR

  • sales lead management

We will work with you to maximise the return on your investment on what is still one of the best forms of marketing available.