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Mobile marketing allows for meaningful, interactive relationships with your customers. It can provide instant access to people, anytime, anywhere and has a higher response rate than a lot of other communication channels.

But the stakes are a little higher. In this world, mobile users want you to give them an experience and because of this branding must be more than just slapping your logo on something and customer retention is more than just checking in every now and again.

What does this mean?

It means the potential for instant access to customers anywhere, anytime. It means a new communication channel for increasing response rates to marketing campaigns. But above all, it means we have a very clever and more intimate way for businesses to engage with customers.

Here are some interesting ways mobile marketing can be used to boost your business.

SMS vouchers and coupons in mobile marketing

This is one of the easiest ways to get started with mobile marketing. Why not try sending your loyal customers a voucher or coupon which entitles them to a discount or gift next time they make a purchase from you?

Alerts, updates and appointment reminders

This is particularly good for service-related industries and can feed customers back you’re your sales cycle.
For example, some hairdressers and dentists are now sending clients an SMS to let them know when their appointment is, or that they are due a check-up.

SMS voting and polling

We’ve all seen these before where viewers of popular TV shows are given the opportunity to vote via SMS.
SMS voting and polling is a great way of getting people to participate and engage with your brand or business.

SMS and MMS competitions

Entering a prize draw is made easy by texting in a code word, their contact details, and the serial number of the purchased item.

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