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Naming a new testing tool to improve student outcomes through better assessments. 

GL Assessment // Case Study // Brand Naming

Pento Brand Development - Brand Naming by Peek Creative Limited

In brief

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Company background 

The Test Factory, now part of GL Assessment, was created with a single aim – to enable clients to manage their own online tests easily. Their 'on demand' application enables their customers to create questions and tests, issue them, allow candidates to take tests securely online, and mark and review results. Pento is their online assessment tool.

Established in 1981, GL provides educational assessments to measure children’s abilities, track their progress in different subjects, and diagnose underlying factors affecting learning. Its tools are used by British, bilingual and international schools and education ministries.
Pento Brand Naming and Brand Development
Pento Brand Naming and Brand Development
Pento Brand Development - Colour Logo by Peek Creative Limited
Pento Star Icon for Pento branding by Peek Creative Limited

Our solution

After extensive research, analysis and creative brainstorming, we developed the new Pento brand name to reflect the Test Factory’s unique approach to educational assessment. The new name stands for ‘performance evaluation and testing optimisation’, a process designed to improve the accuracy of assessment results. It suggests that testing shouldn't be a one-off event and an ongoing, cyclical process to ensure the most accurate measurements possible.

The Pento brand was carefully crafted to reflect its unique mission and services. It also captures the core values of Test Factory - integrity, excellence, and precision - concisely and memorably. The brand evokes feelings of trustworthiness and innovation, which are essential for The Test Factory’s success.

The new logo design emphasises these core values with an abstract ‘star’ shape that suggests the evaluation process to which it refers. The bold purple and light blue colour palette communicates a sense of reliability, while the geometric shapes and font work together to evoke an aura of modernity.

The Pento online assessment tool was successfully named and branded, and rolled out onto The Test Factory website. 

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