Publicity, Public Relations, or “PR” is the art of gaining media and public exposure for your company, product or service through communication techniques.

The most popular publicity vehicles are the distribution of articles, news releases, and pitch letters.

What is the difference between PR & Advertising?

Publicity is different than advertising since you do not directly pay for publicity. Instead of purchasing advertising, you can use publicity techniques to “spread the news” about your product for less cost and higher-impact than advertising.

What makes a great story?

Many businesses fail to attract the attention of news editors because they do not know how to identify what it is that sparks an editor’s interest.

Is all publicity good publicity?

PR is often measured on the amount of coverage gained as a result of activity. But what if you want to keep yourself out of the press? Too often outputs are confused with outcomes – what is important is not how much press coverage one can achieve, but a proper understanding of ‘what’ coverage achieves. It’s about reputation management, not column inches.

How do we pitch to the press?

Before we start we need to get to know you and your business, what are your challenges? What are your goals?. Following this we can do our own thinking and research and offer fresh angles for publicity that are fit with the current news agendas. Our key goal is to create a pitch for your story in a way that piques the interest of the press while supporting your company’s reputation in the marketplace.

What makes a story?

Many businesses fail to attract the attention of news editors because they do not know how to write effective press releases. We’ve been on both sides of the fence so our journalist experience means we know what sparks an editor’s interest. Experience guides us in how to craft messages that maximise your coverage opportunities.

Do you need to launch a product or service?

We define, develop, and execute public relation strategies that introduce your company or product to the market with a memorable flare. In order to fully maximise your new product launch, we carefully coordinate all PR activities before, during and after your event with all parties involved.

Going to a trade show?

There’s no better opportunity to come face to face with key journalists than at an event. We can arrange media appointments at trade shows, press conferences, and nominations for show awards. We personally invite reporters to client stands and facilitate interviews over beer or coffee. We can even organise overseas press trips if you have a facility outside the UK that you would like them to review!