SoundKey for Cyrus Audio

Peek have spent over a year working with Cyrus – an award winning specialist audio company who have an obsession for ever higher quality reproduction. The focus of our work was to introduce the Cyrus brand to a younger audience and hook them onto the brand so they could build themselves a better music experience.

How did we make a chart topper?

Our product naming challenge for Cyrus Audio was for a completely new product for Cyrus, an inline DAC. We ran a Brand Naming Workshop and used our magic hat consultancy services to generate names and help the Cyrus team decide on their new brand name.

The new name had to express that Cyrus had taken their experience and award-winning expertise and squeezed it into the Cyrus soundKey. Plug it into your phone, tablet or laptop for unbeatable sound on the go.

The qualities identified that helped frame the names were to be the…

Awesome sound quality
Small and lightweight (around 16g)
Smooth sleek design
Robust aluminium casing
Extremely low current usage, conserving your phone’s battery life
Compatible with a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, AAC, and FLAC
And that it would handle High Resolution audio files up to 24bit/96kHz.

If you love listening to your music on the move via your phone then you would love one of these. Your phone has been designed as a phone and not an audio playback device so cheap parts in your phone mean you just aren’t getting the sound quality you deserve, so Cyrus have poured their 30 years of audio expertise into a new high quality DAC and amplifier, and we named it the Cyrus soundKey.

Crowdfunding success

In an unusual and bold move Cyrus decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initial run of Cyrus soundKeys. It was Peek’s challenge to guide Cyrus through the process and manage their campaign from start to finish. This included all the pre-campaign launch activities and managing the campaign during its 30 day duration.

Within the first 12 hours the initial funding target of £50,000 was smashed!

Within the first 12 hours the initial funding target of £50,000 was smashed and the pledges kept rolling in with the final campaign reaching nearly double the original figure.

1,165 backers pledged £79,962

We designed the pricing structure of the Kickstarter to offer Pledge, VIP specials, Early Bird rewards and Kickstarter special price points. These all had different timeframes and price points to encourage engagement and participation in the campaign.

Five star awards

Following on from the successful Kickstarter campaign the Cyrus soundKey went in to full production and has gone on to win a number of highly prestigious hi-fi awards becoming in the process one of the highest selling headphone DACs available on the market today.