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Why did transforming the user experience help reduce the risk?

RiskWise // Case Study // Interface Design

RiskWise interface design by Peek Creative Limited

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Outstanding website and software user interface design for industry leader


S2 commissioned Peek to create a new fully responsive website and to revamp the user interface for the industry-leading RiskWise software.

Enticing new sales

The RiskWise software is used to manage risks including; Health & Safety, Accidents, Fire, Environmental, Legal and Operational. It ensures legal compliance by providing full audit trails and demonstrating due diligence.

On the public side, the website needed to demonstrate the product's key capabilities and offer a quick way to trial the product, hopefully leading to a full sale.

We built a fully responsive website using the WordPress platform that was not only cross browser compatible, but cross device as well. The responsive stylesheet allows the website to be displayed on both PC, Mac, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The site features full CMS control for the client, plus the ability to easily add in Testimonials, Password protected pages, News items and Articles plus easily configurable contact forms to capture potential customers details. The site makes extensive use of shortcodes giving the CMS huge flexibility over key design elements and infinite page layouts.
RiskWise Dashboard Design - Peek Creative Ltd
RiskWise software design by Peek Creative Limited

Superb software usability design

For RiskWise Software users, a new interface design was required to transform the clunky windows information into beautiful information architecture.

The interface was designed with accessibility first. We used strong colours for the key elements to help users navigate through the complex and often dense data.

The animation was used only discretely to help provide focus and ease of use. This was primarily to help users to understand the content on the screen, rather than to confuse or obfuscate the content that is being displayed.
RiskWise App Development by Peek Creative Limited
RiskWise technical drawing by Peek Creative Limited

Our solution

We collaborated closely with RiskWise’s engineering team to help a seamless implementation of the user interface to help to build more inclusive experiences for the RiskWise software and its customers.

The user interface design was context-driven allowing it to be view in different formats and different ways on different devices. This was further enhanced by end-users ability to customise the widget panes on Dashboards and home screens throughout the software.

The interface also allowed for the whole branding and colour system to be customised for particular end-client users. This white-labelling solution enabled the design system to provide a focussed client first delivery solution. The underpinning design system however remained consistent and constant, once learnt it would be familiar to users in whichever environment or company it was used.

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