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Marketing consultancy workshop

Our workshops are ideal for new businesses as it gives us the chance to share knowledge and explore the options, particularly around brand positioning. Existing businesses use our workshops as a strategic review of their marketing activity when looking for new ideas to freshen it up or tackle new areas, such as digital marketing.

What happens in the workshop?

We usually run the workshops in the morning starting at 9.30am for approximately three hours. With a clear agenda set for the workshop it’s a fun-packed brain-tingling eye-opening exercise. You’ll leave buzzing with ideas and clarity of thought. We recommend you bring the key decision makers and influencers from your business.

“The workshop provided a good opportunity to stand back and really explore the brand and what it stood for. Peek offered a good balance of questions and suggestions which enabled us to achieve our objective.”

Samantha Munns, First Ascent Group

What do I get out of it?
Apart from the benefit of having spent time on your business you’ll feel fired up and will have a clear path ahead. During the next 5 days, we will perform additional research, and then we will craft a written report that you can use to propel your business to the next level. We will include a grid outlining your goals as well as all of the functional marketing areas that either directly or indirectly affect your marketing that we have discussed. This snapshot will show you where to spend your energy and resources first. We will provide a summary of the most important initiatives, make recommendations, and the foundational strategies for marketing areas for you to consider.

Recommended for:

  • Clarifying brand values and brand positioning.
  • Defining target markets and drawing-out their likely wants and needs.
  • Reviewing internal strengths and weaknesses across marketing, human resources and operations.
  • Identifying opportunities and threats to your business
  • Reviewing your product or service mix and intended pricing strategy.
  • Defining core marketing goals and objectives.
  • Defining marketing metrics and key performance indicators.
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of communication strategies.

The workshop includes:

  • Workshop preparation questions
  • 3 hour on-site strategy session
  • Evaluation of all existing marketing infrastructure and previous ads, website, sponsorships, etc.
  • Your written and crafted report
  • Action plan

We often find that you’ll need further support to help implement and keep the marketing on track with the plan. Clients meet with us on a monthly basis for a couple of hours to enjoy a fresh input of ideas as well as a review of the progress.

Book your marketing workshop now

Pick up the phone and schedule a workshop with us. We will book it into our calendar in the next few weeks and send you a questionnaire tailored to your particular industry. These questions will frame our discussion and give you an idea of what you will want to bring to the session for our evaluation (marketing collateral, previous campaigns, mailers, etc.)

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