Brand consultancy portfolio

Take a peek at some of the brands we’ve made and developed

Some of our recent branding projects are collated here, other examples are shown throughout the pages of our website. If you see anything you’d like to know more about simply click on any of the images to be taken to the case study for that client.

Branding the highest ranked law firms in the Baltics

We were approached by the firms behind what was to become the new Ellex brand to help them translate over 25 years worth of experience into a brand that was relevant to the diverse audiences their firms face today. Welcome to Ellex. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania’s leading legal circle.

Enabling a stronger, clearer brand

Bridgeway offers a new, different approach to deal with the increasing challenges that organisations face with their approach to information security and needed a brand identity to reflect this.

Increasing brand awareness for one of the highest ranked schools in the world

The Stephen Perse Foundation (the SPF) is a prestigious collection of schools with a lot to offer, especially in the digital sphere. Our aim was to raise brand awareness and position the Stephen Perse Foundation as education thought leaders.

Unlocking the key to a new brands success

With a new name from Peek in hand, County Town Homes needed a new brand identity to take the new brand to market and turned to Peek for help.

Delivering organisational brand effectiveness

Originally from a well known consultancy in the region, the founding members of OE Cam deliver organisation effectiveness for their clients by helping them meet the challenges of tomorrow’s organisation.

Building a clear brand proposition and direction

We were approached by the team behind what was to become the new Landmark brand to help them convert over 25 years worth of experience into a brand that was relevant to the diverse audiences a signage business faces today.

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Brand naming

Naming is hard. Skills in linguistics, marketing, brand trends and naming approaches all need to be applied creatively to develop a name that resonates with the target audiences for your business, product or service.

How Peek can help you

We’ve created brilliant names for companies, products, services and people over the last 15 years. Our team have a magic box of tricks that help us originate names for you which can then be put through a rigorous checking process before taking them any further.

Peek has successfully developed names for many companies, their services and their products. We understand how to develop a coherent approach to understanding the needs and preferences of your target audiences and the approaches to developing a company’s brand name that manages your desired perception. This requires creativity, insight and contextual understanding of the naming landscape.

Equally important is understanding how a business might then evolve the brand name and the brand hierarchy. As this important step can sometimes give rise to insight for marketing and delivering the brand.

Areas of expertise in naming

Competitive analysis
Defining your brand positioning strategy
Developing a name
Creating a product or service name
Framing product name nomenclatures
Evaluating a name
Naming systems and hierarchies
Protecting a brand name

Finding the right team that can fully grasp your vision and turn it into a great brand identity that speaks for itself can be quite challenging. Working with Peek was one of the best things that has happened to us in our startup phase. If you are looking for experienced people who can listen to you and efficiently translate your vision into something tangible, then you’re in the right place.

George Kazarian, The Recipe Kit

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Call Steve Creamer or Sarah-Jane White to discuss how Peek can help with your next project on +44 (0)1223 900 121 or +44 (0)20 7060 5121.

Charity Branding

Want to add some polish to your charity’s brand?

Research has shown that when it comes to people deciding where to direct their contributions and place their support to a charity, key factors include the emotional and intellectual stimulation a charity could give, how much influence they thought it could yield, and the tone of voice adopted throughout all the charity’s communication.

Supporters will expect to see a charity as a caring, compassionate, committed, ethical, and honest organisation that raises money for the good of others. Alongside these core values, there will be other characteristics that differentiate one charity from another. It is these characteristics that your brand represents to convey the vision, mission, value and beliefs to all your target audiences.

Your brand is your opportunity to shape the way the public perceives you. If the public don’t understand what the charity stands for, they cannot be expected to buy into its essence. The visual and verbal language of the brand are pivotal in a charity’s development, after all there isn’t a ‘product’ to sell and they are mainly perceived by the work that they do, so if a charity fails to present itself well, it can fail as an organisation.

Taking action now

Distinction over other similar organisations can be addressed immediately through understanding the current perceptions of your charity using a survey. Building on the feedback from this research a review of the brand image and marketing materials can focus your charity on ensuring your key messages are being communicated clearly.