trade show

How to improve your trade show or exhibition performance

Trade shows work best when everyone is focused on your objectives for the show. But before exhibiting at an event, ask yourself these questions:

Where do trade shows fit into your marketing strategy?
Why is your company exhibiting?
What does your company want to exhibit?
Who is your target market?
What is your exhibiting budget?
How do you measure the show’s success?

Know your objectives
You’ll function best when you and your team have full knowledge of what you’re trying to achieve at the show. A show where you’re launching a new product and want to raise brand awareness is, in some ways, a fundamentally different exercise than a show where you’re simply attempting to reinforce existing relationships and move as much product as possible.

How well do you and your team know your products and services?
Test yourselves with a friendly game modeled after something like a pub quiz. Instead of random trivia questions, use questions about your products and services. Make sure these questions range from the basic features and benefits to questions such as “are your products manufactured in the country? and if not, where, and under what conditions? This exercise will reinforce product knowledge and help your team be prepared for whatever questions come their way.

Practicing a demo
Before the show, have your team members actually practice the demo you expect them to perform during the show. This gives them time to familiarise themselves with the equipment and become comfortable demonstrating it.

Using technology
If you’re using card scanners or other lead gathering technology, schedule a time to actually teach your team how to use it. You want your team to be proficient with the equipment and not spend valuable, limited show time trying to figure out how to work the scanner.

Are you following up fast enough?
Maximise the return you realise on the show by following up on every lead. Delegate responsibilities before the show and introduce an element of accountability: simply by letting your team know what they’re expected to do and when they’re expected to do it, you’ll see a measurable increase in return.

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