How do you fuse insight and imagination?

It has never been more vital to have a thorough understanding of marketing and brand building than in today’s challenging business environment. Clear consistent marketing messages are fundamental but for many companies, stand-alone communications tools are becoming a thing of the past with integrated marketing campaigns proving their worth. Combining the power of human ingenuity and the insights gleaned from data analytics is a speciality that Peek can offer.

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Businesses are looking to creatively execute big ideas and core messaging through cross-channel campaigns and data to leverage their brands this fusion of skills and mind-sets is an essential part of the modernisation of marketing to drive growth.

McKinsey & Company reported in 2019, “Companies that harness creativity and data in tandem have growth rates twice as high as companies that don’t.” With such a significant impact, it’s little wonder this data-infused strategy is the sought after route to market today.

Integrating your campaign also means you need to be smart in your choice of media-spend. Splitting your budget across different channels and ensuring all communications work together is paramount to increasing the likelihood of your message being heard.

There are many approaches to the integrated campaign. One of which is to ensure everything looks the same and carries the same message, increasing general awareness.  The smarter way is where different media perform different tasks throughout the course of the campaign, continually building awareness and delivering an apparently seamless message between each exposure and medium. Treating creativity and data as equal partners will bring rich rewards in brand experience opportunities and behavioural insight for marketers.

The benefits of an integrated marketing campaign are great. Firstly, your company avoids sending out disjointed confusing messages that may harm your brand.  Secondly, you get more “column inches” for your cash because you will work with a single agency which becomes the custodian of the brand. Peek utilises its pool of resources to provide a combination of tactics that are cost-effective and targeted to meet the objectives of the campaign.

When questioned on the trend toward integrated campaigns, David Thorp, Head of Insights at the Chartered Institute of Marketing commented: “One of the key enablers of this trend is the drift towards what is termed “Open Planning”. This develops through 8 action areas – open disciplines, open media, open channels, open process, open structure, open relationships, open results and open tools – and has, to our mind, 3 very real advantages: Firstly, it liberates creative thinking whilst at the same time allowing new rigour; secondly, it works against the silo-isation of organisations – where different departments look in different directions; finally, open planning does away with prejudices such as ‘Advertising builds awareness and Direct Marketing closes a sale’. The mix of old and new is as rich as technology will allow.”

Stemming from its breadth of experience within each of its award-winning areas of expertise Peek Creative has a real understanding of how to fuse insights with imagination for all our clients whether that’s mobile video or custom content integration, we can help.

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