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How did we rationalise The Great Projects’ offers?

The Great Projects // Case Study // Brand positioning

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Industry setting

The Great Projects provides unique ways to contribute to helping the world’s most endangered species. They work with organisations worldwide to establish high standards in animal welfare and conservation within the responsible tourism sector. The Great Projects believes in using sustainable tourism as a tool to positively impact local communities and at-risk environments to aid the conservation of endangered animals and fragile ecosystems.


According to Pippa Biddle, author of The Voluntourist Dilemma, travellers rebelled against package trips and resorts and wanted a more authentic experience – and they were willing to pay for it. So ‘Voluntouring’ was born.

But this new term, along with others, was being heavily criticised by the national press so it was important for The Great Projects to be clear about what they offered and to avoid any negative associations with the current trend.

Peek’s challenge was to rationalise their two key offerings of Wildlife Conservation Volunteering and Destination Tours and clearly position them for The Great Projects.


Our strategy was to research and evaluate the terms currently used to describe the offers in the industry, and to then apply our skills and knowledge combined with this research to clarify the company's position and articulate the two key offers.
“Your strategy was spot-on and the results excellent. You got to a place that we could not.”
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The Great Projects - Signature Tours - Examples by Peek Creative Limited
The Great Projects - Signature Tours - Typography enlarged by Peek Creative Limited


Following our recommendations we clarified The Great Projects’ position as:

“The Great Projects is a business that supports Responsible Tourism.”

The company had two main offers that needed differentiation to help position them in the market. Peek clearly defined the two propositions of these offers and articulated them for The Great Projects:
  1. Projects : where the offer was to take a more active role and all about volunteering to help save some of the World’s most endangered species.
  2. Signature Tours : where the offer was to take a more observational approach to the holiday and have the option to get a taste of volunteering with leisure time and sightseeing to explore the destination afterwards. It also offered three comfort levels.
Using our copywriting skills we distilled these offers into two phrases:
  1. Projects : Do More
  2. Signature Tours : See More
These were then visually integrated into the website and became the core messages across the company’s marketing collateral.

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