Blogging: Benefits of blogging for your business

Blogging: Benefits of blogging for your business

If your company has the resources to sustain its own blog with educational, non-promotional content on a regular basis you should invest in authoring a blog. For extra gravitas, you may consider inviting industry analysts, the leading journalists or other thought leaders in your industry or markets as guests to write posts for your blog.

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The main benefits of business blogging are:

  • you can start conversations that lead to new business opportunities with your potential customers by using your blog to demonstrate your competitive differentiation

  • a blog is excellent for your public and media relations as it can position you as an industry expert and provide a valuable resource for journalists to turn to

  • if you post regularly Google will re-index your site more frequently giving your search rankings a boost

  • your blog posts can be shared globally via social media communities. These include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and social media bookmarking sites like Stumbleupon and Digg which will give you a surge of new visitors and possibly some great new inbound links.

If resources are tight, you can still participate in blogging by guest-posting content on other industry bloggers’ sites or by making a concerted effort to post thought-provoking comments to others’ posts. When posting comments, always be sure to include your name, title and a link to a relevant page on your company website to support your comment and provide a valuable backlink to your site.
You can set up a blog for free.

The most popular platforms are at: