What is my brand proposition?

It all starts with a proposition. Do you know what your brand’s proposition is?

How can Peek help

Whether you are just starting out in business or have a long history behind you, your business will need a clearly defined brand. Peek can help you extract the most powerful benefits of your brand and help communicate them to your target audiences.

A clearly defined brand will create desire and deliver the brand’s promise. This promise acts as your brand’s guarantee of consistency and quality and provides your customers with this understanding so that they can choose your product or service in preference to that of your competitors. It acts as your desired differentiation. For brands to stay ahead in changing times, they need to remain continuously desirable.

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Our clients include many small-to-medium size businesses and start-ups too.

What’s the difference between proposition and positioning?

Brand proposition

Brand Proposition is defined as: “The bundle of benefits that the buyer derives out of any brand. It also includes the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) which offers the buyer a benefit that no other brand can provide.”

Brand positioning

Brand Position is defined as: It is how the brand appears and perceived against other brands in the same market/segment.

How do I know how my brand is perceived?

Providing a brand proposition that is engaging, is easily understood, and offers an emotionally positive solution to needs and desires only serves to enhance the current customers’ perception of the brand and will get new customers to look your way. But how do you know where you stand at the moment? Using research you can gain an insight into your current brand’s perception.

Peek offers a Brand Proposition Research Pathway. Our proven approach means that we can work with you and your customers to help clarify the following points. This insight can then inform your marketing activities going forward.

Brand Proposition Research

  • What drives your brand
  • What drives your competitors’ brands
  • Which propositions you own, and how important they are
  • Which propositions are open for you to take

77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth

Circleresearch.com – 2018

How can I improve my brand proposition?

The results from our research will help deliver a proposition that can be clearly understood, engaging, presented in the right context for relevancy, and offer a solution to the target audience’s current wants and needs.

Following through with an excellent product/service and customer support will put an indelible mark in the memory of your existing customers; one that will create brand loyalty through good and bad times; a sure sign of a brand’s strength.

I wanted to thank you for all your help with our recent re-branding. We’ve now got a slick new corporate identity which we can all be proud of, and which really does our firm justice. I was particularly impressed how much time and effort you took in understanding our business and the qualities that the new identity needed to convey. The finished product is both a work of art and a stroke of genius.

Stephen Carter, Partner, Carter Perry Bailey

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Creating a new brand
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Evaluating a brand proposition
Analysis of a brand
Defining a brand
Differentiating a brand
Creating a new brand identity
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