Vehicle livery can be very successful providing that it is done the right way and can bring many benefits to any kind of business. Research has shown that for every mile driven, over 600 visual impressions are generated. This creates a massive potential for any company wishing to advertise as thousands and thousands of people will be seeing your advert every day.

Applying your brand to vehicle livery

However, just because people are seeing the advertisement it doesn’t mean that they are going to remember it or act on it. In order to make sure that people notice the vehicle livery they are seeing and remember it there are some key elements to consider.

Graphics are very important when it comes to guaranteeing successful vehicle livery. People are a lot more likely to notice a picture than they are to notice lots of text. In order to try and make sure that people remember the advert and can visualise it even when it’s gone it is best to have a large picture with only a little text such as the company name and phone number.

When trying to decide on a design for vehicle livery it is important to remember that the image you are using is going to reflect your business. If you use something cheap and tacky then people aren’t going to have a good impression of your business. However, if something subtle and classy is used then people are going to respect the company and take them more seriously.

Keeping vehicles clean is a simple and effective way of showing the value you place in your brand and the pride with which you want to convey it.

Successful vehicle livery can lead to an increase in business and can also help people to instantly recognise a company logo or slogan.