Digital marketing: What can search engine marketing do for you?

Digital marketing: What can search engine marketing do for you?

Would you like more targeted traffic to your website? Or even some traffic!? Fed up with being on page 10 of Google, if at all?

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Then we can help. With over a dozen years of experience in web development and search engine marketing shows us what it takes to make a successful website. With a limited budget you can target the right traffic for your site in a number of ways including:

  • ‘Organic’ search engine rankings for relevant search terms through effective search engine optimisation.
  • Reciprocal linking with websites that offer complimentary products and services (eg a hotel and a spa).
  • Pay-per-click promotions in a specific area.

We can help you with all these and once you have some visitors, you need to be ready to convert them to customers

So, yes, traffic is all well and good, but how about retention and conversion?
To take advantage of increased traffic we’d recommend a review of the current site so that it is geared towards the desired action you require which might include:

  • The purchase of your goods online.
  • A quotation request.
  • Subscribing to a newsletter.

Having visitors is an essential first step, but visits must lead to acceptable conversion rates if your business is to succeed in the online world. We can help with visitor retention (both in terms of duration of time on-site and repeat visits) and with increasing conversion rates.