Peek is a creative consultancy that helps businesses succeed through effective branding and marketing. We have an enviable mix of talent and experience. We’ve devised and managed many successful marketing and public relations campaigns. We’ve created and launched international brands, award-winning websites and design work. Our experience spans a range of businesses and services across a wide number of markets.

Most importantly, we’re buzzing with fresh ideas; passionate about what we do and full of energy to make things happen.

Our experience tells us what works; and we have a boundless enthusiasm and imagination to try new things. We push ourselves on each project to ensure we always deliver great work that we, and our clients, are proud of. 

We focus on working with our clients to identify the key marketing tactics that deliver profitable results for their businesses using all the creative disciplines.

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Peek’s process


At this initial stage we establish your needs and gain a clear understanding of the objectives of the project. We then identify the project teams, roles and responsibilities. Which is then followed by us defining the process that you’d like to use to manage the project. Our proposal is submitted to meet your requirements and covers project scope, objectives, budget, deliverables and terms and conditions.


Included in this stage are activities such as conducting research to learn about your audiences and specific markets, analysis of the competitive landscape, understanding key messages and auditing any current marketing material. This stage is about learning as much as possible prior to design to enable us to identify the creative strategy and produce the design brief.


This stage involves exploring different approaches, refining a variety of design directions and presenting our recommended route. We then evaluate this route with you to check that it is fulfilling the project objectives. The approach is then applied to the various deliverables and we define the details prior to moving in to production.


At this stage we produce and manage the production of all the deliverables for the project. We collaborate with the writers, photographers, programmers and printers needed. This is an important stage of the project as it is the last opportunity to make any adjustments to the work. It involves us liaising with you to sign-off the work that is being produced.


We like to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our work. This can be done both formally and informally to understand if the objectives we set at the outset are being met.

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