BirdLife International: Flyway Friends

Exhaustion. Starvation. Persecution. Vital habitats are senselessly being destroyed up and down the Americas. BirdLife International stepped in to reach out to the public to help prevent the deaths of millions of tiny birds on their migration with the ‘Friends Across the Flyway’ campaign. Peek put together the donation driven campaign to raise awareness and take donations to help give the birds the coast-to-coast protection they need.


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BirdLife International identified the need to develop a new website to support the Friends Across the Flyway campaign. The website was launched to coincide with a digital fundraising campaign to benefit the BirdLife Partnership’s conservation work along the Atlantic Flyway in the Americas.


The main aim of the website is to collect donations from the key target audiences who were primarily North and South American donors in seven locations. BirdLife wanted to highlight these countries and the projects that each BirdLife partner was undertaking in each of them.


We created awareness and raised donations for the Flyway work of BirdLife Partners in the Americas through a bespoke website project. This included:

  • Building a community of BirdLife followers throughout the Americas.
  • Showing what is happening in each of the countries specifically.
  • Enabling BirdLife and its Partners to showcase the conservation they are undertaking and how users can help, contribute and donate.

Campaign website: 

  • Stripe was integrated into the website to enable this and donations could be made in any of the local currencies.
  • The functionality of the map was a key part of the interactivity of the website allowing users to navigate in a fun, interactive and different way.
  • Icons and pins were added to the map to show particular projects allowing users to jump directly to that project as well as see country overviews and explore the detail in an overview format.
  • Stunning photography and imagery was used from a variety of wildlife photographers, image libraries and archive material to bring the campaign to life.

To help achieve engagement in the different locations the website was translated to work in English, Spanish and Portuguese and accept payments in the local country currencies too.

“Right from the start we were impressed with Peek’s efficient and professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence but generated the results we were looking for. Peek has consistently done an excellent job of understanding what our company is about and powerfully delivering our message with clarity and results. We would not hesitate to recommend the services of Peek Creative to other companies.”


The campaign achieved considerable success following its launch and went on to succeed in achieving its international fundraising. The local projects have benefitted and grown helping make the Friends Across the Flyway campaign reach new audiences.